Ana Navarro is in the Republican hot seat usually spared for Alyssa Farah Griffin and other (current and former) Trumpers on Monday’s episode of The View.

Generally, Navarro aligns with the more liberal panelists of The View. But this time, Sunny Hostin decided it was time to check both Navarro and Griffin about their allegiance to the Republican Party. According to Decider, she asked if Griffin and Navarro felt “complicit” for still being a part of the party even though they are both against Donald Trump.

Hostin called out the party as a whole, saying how research found that 80 percent of people in the party think of Trump as their leader.

“[It is] a party of white supremacy, it’s a party of fascism, it’s a party of all the things that are counter to our democracy,” she continued.

Hostin asked how Navarro, a woman who came from Nicaragua, could call herself a member of the Republican Party.

Navarro responded, "When I came to this country, the Republican Party was the party that stood up against communism and that is something that's ingrained in me."

When Hostin asked if the two women are complict by staying in the party, Navarro said, “I don’t think you’re complicit. I’m a registered Republican, I donate to Democrats who I think are better, I campaigned for Biden, I argue and call out the people who have lost their principles and who I think have lost their way in defending what I think are Republican values. The question is: do you piss from inside the tent or from outside?”

Hostin replied, "I truly think you piss from outside."

But she then came for Griffin, referencing her past as a member of the Trump administration. “I mean you certainly were complicit. You worked there,” said Hostin.

Griffin replied, “Wouldn’t you rather have someone like Ana trying to reform the party from within? There’s going to be a Republican Party whether you want there to be or not so wouldn’t you want someone who’s sober-minded and sound and who’s more aligned with you?”

Hostin disagreed, saying she didn't think that idea would "affect the strategy."

But overall, it was a moment where there seemed to a somewhat constructive discussion about political differences. However, as The View fans know, the political talk will only increase as we move closer and closer to November and midterms, so buckle up.

Watch a clip from the episode below: