The View is fighting back against guest host Alyssa Farah Griffin‘s assertion that a “red wave” of politicians will win during the midterms.

According to Decider, Griffin believes that “the red wave is coming,” as she said during Wednesday’s episode.

“[R]epublicans are going to win the midterms short of something unforeseen that I cannot predict now,” she said, combatting Joy Behar’s earlier statement of Democrats having a chance “in November to get rid of these people.”

Griffin said that the polling she's seen suggests that voters will go red due to "the high gas prices" and "inflation." But Whoopi Goldberg added, "I understand what you're saying, but let's…remind people it's up to them to make this decision."

Griffin conceded that it is in the voters’ hands, but she added, “I would love to see principled Republicans who were not so beholden to Trump [to] win, but last night makes it look like it’s gonna be people who deny that the election was even won by Joe Biden.”

Indeed, many Trump-leaning Republicans won their primaries Tuesday, including candidates who said they wouldn’t support Biden’s presidency in favor of claiming it was rigged. But a primary isn’t the final election day, and while Trump-leaning Republicans may win the primary, they still have to go up against a Democratic competitor.

Sunny Hostin, in fact, said that she believes "people will be more informed" as the election season goes on, particularly as the Jan. 6 hearings continue.

“We don’t know that that red wave is coming because that red wave is based on a big lie,” she said. “The other thing is, you’re talking about inflation and you’re talking about the baby formula shortage, and gas prices and people are going to be upset at Biden for that. But the bottom line is, there are solutions to that and Biden has been pushing solutions. The Senate Democrats have been pushing solutions, the House Democrats have been pushing solutions.”

"Republicans at every single turn have been voting against those solutions so that they can campaign on the problems that you are talking about," she said, adding that Republicans are acting "disgusting."

Politics is never a dull topic for The View, but it will especially heat up as the midterms get closer. As we can see from this discussion, the panel at The View are ready to take on the opinions of any and all conservative guests regarding what could happen this fall.

Watch a clip below: