Sunny Hostin gives her intellectual commentary on The View every weekday. The former prosecutor isn’t afraid to share her take, much of which is inspired by her favorite role as a mother to her two children and her love for her husband.

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Hostin doesn’t hesitate to speak about her family on the show, especially her kids, Gabe and Paloma, born in 2002 and 2006 respectively. 

Sonny Hostin gushes over motherhood

When speaking with Closer at the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Red Dress Collection in 2020, Hostin spoke about her love for Gabe and Paloma. “In my legal career, prosecuting child sex crimes is what I’m most proud of. Although, every moment I almost feel like the best is yet to come,” she said. “But the most surreal experience has been having my children. They’re the most important to me, and I’m most proud of them.”

As far as balancing being a wife, mom, and a busy career woman, Hostin said that her family keeps her grounded and is her greatest inspiration to be her best self. She makes sure to put them first.

“The only way, honestly, is that I prioritize them, and my marriage,” she said to Closer. “I’ve turned down more projects than I’m a part of. Even though I have two books coming out and a development deal with 21st Century, if something doesn’t allow me to go to every basketball game or track meet, it doesn’t happen.”

Gabe and Paloma appear to be well-rounded young adults

Gabe is a lover of sports, most notably football which he played through high school. Hostin offered appeared cheering him on at every football game. He’s also a talented musician, playing both piano and the saxophone. He’s currently attending Harvard University.

For one of his birthdays, Hostin shared a heartfelt message about him to her Instagram, writing: “8/15/02 — the day my precious boy came into the world and made every single day of our lives brighter,” she captioned her sweet post via Instagram. “He is brilliant, humble and kind. My gentle giant. I love and adore you. Always.”


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His younger sister Paloma is often athletically gifted. She’s competed in both track and basketball. She’s still in high school but will be sure to further her education and attend college.

Of Paloma, Hostin posted a sweet note to her in honor of International Women’s Day. ​​”And to my fierce little one (well not so little anymore) Paloma, how brilliant it is watching you grow up to become more fierce every day,” she wrote. “The world better watch out.”

Check out a photo Hostin posted for to commemorate National Daughters Day and National Sons Day


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