The Voice coaches were so wowed by contestant Constance Howard’s performance that they claimed it defied science.

Howard’s rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” completely transformed the song into a jazzier R&B performance, complete with whistle tone high notes. Camila Cabello immediately turned around after a few notes, with John Legend following not far behind.

But regardless of if they turned or not, all the coaches were mightily impressed with Howard's performance.

“Constance, that was so cool,” Gwen Stefani said, according to Parade. “Honestly, it was so creative and different. You have so many incredible places in your voice.” She also said that Howard already sounds like a signed recording artist.

Howard said she started singing in the choir.

She also said she was “a really shy student,” so her parents motivated her “to get into the studio and do more stage performances at school.”

Cabello, who had one spot left open on her team, praised Howard's "distinctiveness" in her voice."

“There’s nobody else like you on my team,” she said.

According to MEAWW, Blake Shelton said that Howard had him “temporarily paralyzed” by some of her notes, adding that the notes she hit defied science. Meanwhile, John Legend compared Howard to Minnie Riperton and Rihanna.

Viewers of her performance also praised her artistry.

One YouTube commenter wrote, “Constance has an amazing voice! I loved her pure tone and loved her control on the song and of her voice. Those whistle notes [were] fantastic and knocked me off my seat because I was blown away. Great job! Love this song too.”

Another viewer wrote, "What she did is so freaking hard smh [sic]. In & out of the falsetto and chest voice and her tone is super unique. The range though #BeautifulVoice."

And, in a similar vein to the judges, another viewer wrote, “Her version didn’t sound like a Justin Bieber song, it’s Constance’s song!” Another wrote that they were going to pre-order Howard’s CD.

“Your voice made me so happy. The best!” they wrote.

Check out the performance for yourself below: