The Voice viewers are stunned 22-year-old Emani Prince didn’t get any of the The Voice coaches to turn around.

Prince, a wrestler from Georgia, performed “All My Life” by K-Ci and JoJo. But his performance didn’t get a single chair turn, causing him to break down in tears. He told the judges how much music means to him and how he felt that this opportunity was his only shot to make it.

John Legend and Camila Cabello corrected him.

“There’s no such thing as your only one shot,” said Legend, with Cabello adding, “You’re 22! This is just the beginning for you.”

“This is not your one shot–this is a shot and this is an opportunity and you’ll have more opportunities,” Legend continued. “I just want to hear you open up and be more free vocally, and just be in the moment and perform.”

According to MEAWW, fans felt like Prince could have made it and deserved a chair turn, despite his nerves.

"I'm actually shocked..He had a nice range," a viewer commented on YouTube. "Nice tone, not perfect but….Huge potential..better than many who got turns..what's going on this year?"

“C’mon they should have turned,” wrote another, with another fan adding, “His voice was shaky in his runs/vibrato, and it went flat in those moments. But he’s got great potential.”

"I want to hug him he just had nerves, but cy," wrote another. Another fan wrote that they felt Prince would have sung something more "lively" based on what he was wearing.

“Good voice, decent range, some of the phrases were kinda clipped,” they wrote. “He did pretty good. Why no turns?”

“I don’t know what happened, he sang that song really well and he’s got a great voice!” wrote another.

'The Voice' has been confusing fans this season with some of the people they have let fall through the cracks.

Fans have previously voiced their disagreement over the coaches’ decisions regarding Koko and SHEj. But the coaches have also had success with choosing Valerie Harding, who sang “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” by Aretha Franklin.

Watch the performance below: