Fans feel like The Voice judges, especially John Legend, should have turned their chair for this Black singer, but no one did.

Singer SHEj tried her hand at auditioning for The Voice, but she sadly didn’t make it.

For her audition, SHEj sang DeBarge’s “I Like It,” but failed to make the judges turn around. Overall, the judges thought she had a good range, with John Legend saying that some of the notes she hit impressed him.

"But," he said, "we want to combine this range and this ability that you have with also some control and some execution."

Gwen Stefani also said that there was a “wildness” to her performance, but told her not to lose her sense of unpredicability.

“Just don’t get discouraged because you’re still so young and there’s so much time,” she said.

Some of the fans felt like SHEj should have been given a chance to hone her skills with one of the coaches.

One viewer wrote on Twitter, “SHEj was great. I think you could have [helped] her [rein] in her ability.” Another viewer wrote how they felt Legend should have turned around.

"You made a mistake not hitting your button for SHEj," wrote the commenter.

"I can't believe nobody turned around for SHEj," wrote another viewer. "She was good."

"I'm sad that SHEj didn't make it. She should never give up because there is a much better opportunity out there for her."

However, there were some viewers who agreed with the judges, with one commenter writing, "Wrong choice baby!" with regard to SHEj's song choice.

Another viewer wrote about SHEj's potential, but conceded that the performance was "pitchy."

Watch the performance below: