The Battle Rounds continue to floor fans of The Voice as The Cunningham Sisters take the win.

Macie, 14, and Marcie, 15, hail from Butler County, Hamilton, Ohio and their voices are nothing to play with.

The duo was up against Parker McKay singing “It’s My Party” and it definitely was the Cunningham Sisters’ party. The gospel duo battled McKay and solidified their spot on Kelly Clarkson’s team.

The other coaches were amazed with the sisters' performance.

Blake Shelton asked, “How do you not instantly fall in love with these two?” while simultaneously calling the performance “incredible.”

Ohio native and fellow coach, John Legend stated, “There’s something so dynamic and interesting about the Cunningham sisters.”

Viewers took to social media to voice their opinions and sing praises about the teenage sister duo.

One fan tweeted, “yeah the cunningham sisters are out for blood. they are so talented ” while another wrote, “please … keep the cunningham sisters. like those are my GIRLS #thevoice”.

Another fan of the Cunningham Sisters chimed in, saying:

“The Cunningham Sisters ATE Miss Mama in the fuchsia blazer. #TheVoice”

“the Cunningham Sisters remind me so much of ChloexHalle,” said someone else.

Someone else said, “please … keep the cunningham sisters. like those are my GIRLS.”

Of course, there were naysayers that felt as though McKay was the winner, however, Tuesday night was the Cunningham Sisters’ party — period!

Watch the performance below: