The Voice has discovered some of today’s most flawless voices, no punt intended. On the latest episode one of the most buzzed about contestants so far, Gymani proved that her point of view was a perspective the judges should take notice.

When Gymani belted out new judge Ariana Grande’s “POV,” she immediately received three chair turns before receiving the fourth from Kelly Clarkson. John Legend, also a judge on the show called Gymani’s complete chair turn the “highest honor.”

Legend was outspoken in regards to Gymani’s “audacity to sing Ariana’s song behind her back” while commending Gymani’s ability to make the song her own. Grande held the same sentiments saying, “That’s your song now! Take it!”

She continued, “That was phenomenal. There were so many alterations to the melody and I trusted every single one of them and I believed that each and every one of them had an intention.”

With so much adoration and admiration from Grande, it would appear that Grande would be the expected choice for a mentor. However, in a twist of events, Gymani forwent choosing Grande. Instead the vocal gymnast chose judge Kelly Clarkson.

“I had a battle within myself during your performance,” Clarkson initially stated after Gymani’s performance. “Because I was like obviously I should be turning around, but obviously you’re singing Ariana’s song. But I had to turn around because you’re incredibly gifted.”

Clarkson further complimented Gymani stating her voice is why the show exists.

Watch her performance below: