A Kansas singer delivered a performance that one judge couldn’t help but gush over during the blind auditions of The Voice…but it wasn’t the song’s artist, John Legend.

During the October 10 episode, Aaron, from Junction City, performed “Glory” by The Voice coach John Legend and Common as his family pleaded for the Grammy winner to turn his chair. But Gwen Stefani was the only coach who wanted the Kansas native on her team.

“I don’t know why John (Legend) didn’t turn,” coach Blake Shelton said after Justin Aaron’s performance.

After his performance, the “Hollerback Girl” singer raved over Aaron’s performance, calling it “incredible.”

“I don’t know why the whole world wouldn’t turn for that,” she exclaimed. “That was incredible.”

“Me and you are going places, buddy,” Stefani continued.

“The way you can manipulate your voice in these long stretches, it just sours into the next place. I was mesmerized by it. It was so flawless and beautiful.”

Legend called Justin Aaron a “talented vocalist.”

Although he didn't turn his chair for Justin Aaron, John Legend praised the 34-year-old singer for his performance.

“I think I over-analyze it when someone is doing my song,” Legend confessed. “That’s my own weakness so don’t think it’s because you did something wrong.”

He added, “Thank you for doing it, and you really do have a beautiful voice.”


Watch Justin Aaron's performance below: