The Knockout round continued Monday night on The Voice. Singers left it all on the stage as they cued for an opportunity to continue in the competition. Coaches were floored and left with difficult decisions to be made. One coach in particular was left speechless.

Kelly Clarkson could not find the words she so desperately wanted to convey after John Legend’s team members Shadale and Samara Brown performed.

Singing Tina Turner’s “Simply The Best,” Brown received praise from the coaches.

"I love seeing you as an artist perform like how you would at a show," Ariana Grande shared with Brown. "I was like, I'll be there!"

“I loved the soul and the sexiness you put on the song,” Legend added. “You were incredible…It was a flawless performance and I love working with you.”

It was then Shadale’s turn to sing. Performing “Impossible” by Shontelle, Shadale emotionally moved Clarkson. Tears were flowing and Clarkson was speechless.

“Give me a minute, ’cause that was, woo… that was really well done,” Clarkson stated.

“It’s such an important thing in the Knockouts to show us who you are and what you’re feeling,” she continued. “It’s really hard to tap into your emotions and still be able to carry the song…it was just such a perfect song choice, and I obviously connected with your message.”

Blake Shelton told Shadale, "from great to exceptional. There's no denying that, we all felt it."

Legend compared Shadale’s performance to that of Mary J. Blige. “She talks about her struggles, and you feel her emotion coming through everything that she does, and I think that’s what we felt today,” he explained. “I think vocally, you gave your best performance that you’ve given, and the thing that made it breakthrough was the emotion.”

Though he initially wanted to choose Brown, Legend chose Shadale.

Watch the performance below: