Wendy Williams’s presence from the internet has immediately gotten smaller.

According to various sources, including Newsweek and Variety, The Wendy Williams Show YouTube page has been deleted, meaning all of her episodes are now off the internet. The show’s website has also been deleted from the web. Domains, including “wendyshow” and “wendywilliamsproductions” now don’t direct to any pages.

Fans have made their ire known after realizing the YouTube page and website were gone

According to Newsweek, one fan wrote that they didn’t know who was responsible for the decision, “but the things they have done to undermine the legacy of one of the most genius broadcasters ever is truly revolting.”

Another wrote about how the powers that be are seemingly brushing Williams' impact under the rug, writing, "This is ERASURE of legacy and it's part of the tactic used to silence and subjugate Wendy in a guardianship."

“This is colonizer behavior and it is repulsive,” they continued, according to Newsweek. “Whoever’s involved…you are disgusting.”

Another fan wrote, “They are trying to erase Wendy Williams’ legacy right in front of our eyes. They know her YouTube channel is our last memory of her iconic talk show. There is no good reason for her to delete her channel.”

Even celebrities, including 'The Real Housewives of Potomac' star Candiace Dillard-Bassett reacted, writing on Twitter, "WHAT???! Why would this be necessary?????"

YouTube personality Daniel Preda wrote, "'The Wendy Williams Show' YouTube channel being deleted on the 4th of July is almost fitting. It's the last straw of the current downfall of America. I'm in shambles."

There is currently no word from Debmar-Mercury or anyone over Williams’ former online team over the decision to erase her internet presence.