It’s hard to believe it’s been twenty years since Christel Khalil first debuted on The Young and the Restless.

To commemorate this landmark moment, the soap opera veteran spoke to us about being on the show since she was a teen, working with on-screen parents Victoria Rowell and the late Kristoff St. John, what she hopes is to come and more.

S&A: It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years! What’s it been like remaining on the show for so long after essentially growing up on it?

It’s great. I feel so lucky to still be on Y&R and have a job for such a long time and to work with such amazing people who are like my family.

What are some of your fondest memories with Kristoff St. John and Victoria Rowell from some of your earliest days on the show?

I have such fond memories of working with them both. It felt like they were my real parents. In the beginning, they really nurtured me and helped me with the soap opera process which was something I was new to as an actor.

And what are some of your favorite memories from the teenage heydays of the show with you and Daniel (Michael Graziadei), Mac (Ashley Bashouim), Colleen (Lyndsey Fonseca) and others?

It was so fun! All the teen storylines, the pool days… those were the good ol’ days. We had a blast. We were all roughly around the same age so it was like a school campus for us.

What teenage Lily storyline is one that you think could still be revisited today?

I would love the show to revisit a story at the Rec Center; maybe Devon and Lily reopen or take over the center to give back to foster kids like Devon was when he and Lily first met.

The Cane/Lily super couple pairing is still one of the most beloved couples in Daytime history. Fans were literally chartering blimps to support the couple. Were you aware of a lot of this and how did it shape the way you thought about your role and impact?

I knew people liked us but I wasn’t fully aware of their popularity as a couple. I try not to read comments and posts about the show because I tend to find the loudest ones are usually the negative comments. I just try to do my job and not pay attention to anything else.

What is the biggest thing, in your opinion, that has changed about soaps during your time in the medium?

I think our storylines don’t go on for as long as they used to. We used to have a 3-month storyline arc but now they are much shorter, lasting about a month.

And what is it like having this current Lilly-Billy pairing on the show and working with Jason Thompson?

It’s great. I think that Lily is a good influence for Billy and they bring out the best in each other. I like working with Jason. He’s an honest actor and a genuinely sweet person who always shows up ready and prepared to work.

Is there anything that hasn’t been tackled with the character that you hope can be explored in the next 20?

I think that showing Lily in a different way would be interesting. She’s always been level-headed, stable and responsible. Maybe if there’s a slip up with some type of pill due to the stress of being a CEO, or something along those lines to show that Lily is not an infallible blur rather,  she is a human with weaknesses like any other person.

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.