Tia Mowry has fans buzzing about if she is actually coming back to The Game reboot after all.

Previously, Mowry said in multiple interviews that she didn’t have any immediate plans to come back to the show. In September 2021, Mowry said to “never say never” as far as if she might return to The Game, adding, “I mean, as it stands for right now, we aren’t in any talks or communication about me coming back to the show.”

“I know it seems kind of weird, because I’m like, the only one, but you know, Melanie, I loved playing that character, and if everything works out, and if everything works out the way that it should, then who knows, I might be on the show," she continued.

She added, “And I will say this, if you guys want me on the show, continue to press, press, press the network and we’ll see.”

Pooch Hall, who played her on-screen husband Derwin, said to Atlanta Black Star in September that “the show must go on,” even though it “does stink” that Mowry hasn’t been able to return. In December, Mowry also told TVLine that she “loved” playing her character Melanie, but there hadn’t been any conversations about her coming back.

But now, it would appear that things could be on the upswing.

As Atlanta Black Star reports, Mowry posted Instagram pictures of her and her former costars Hall and Wendy Raquel Robinson with the caption, “Some of the Game fam reunited!! Can’t wait to share what we were up to!”


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Fans were immediately excited, with commenters hoping the picture meant Mowry was coming back to the series. One wrote, “If you say filming an episode I’m a pass out!!” Another wrote how happy the reunion picture made them.

Maybe Mowry’s initial statement of “never say never” was right. We’ll see as soon as more information comes out.