Tiffany Haddish claims she has lost all of her jobs after allegations of sexual abuse of minors.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the actress, who was recently sued along with comedian Aries Spears by a Jane and John Doe for sexual misconduct, was caught in an airport responding to TMZ. When asked by TMZ how she felt after the plaintiffs asked for the suit to be dismissed, Haddish said she was “relieved”.

But despite what she said, she sounded stricken, saying she's "lost everything."

She said she was “really concerned about the kids” at the center of the lawsuit, “making sure they were okay.” She also said she hasn’t been in contact with Spears since the lawsuit. “I don’t talk to him,” she told TMZ.

Her career, she alludes, is at a standstill in the industry, saying, “I lost everything. All my gigs, gone. Everything, gone. I don’t have no job. I don’t have no job, bro.”

She also added that if anyone else tries to allege she is an abuser, they are being untruthful.

“I’m pretty sure ain’t nobody else going to be coming for me anytime soon. And if there is somebody else, that s–t fake,” she said.

Haddish and Spears were sued by Jane Doe and John Doe, a sister and brother who claimed they were lured into taking part in a skit with Haddish and Spears.

The skit, “Through a Pedophile’s Eyes,” featured Spears playing a pedophile who was being inappropriate with a young boy. The boy was filmed in his underwear, and Spears was in various disgusting scenes with the boy.

The plaintiffs claim Haddish was friends with their mother, and made the skit seem like an opportunity to break into the acting industry.

Despite Haddish's statement, no announcements have been made about her projects.

She has been one of the most consistently booked actors in Black Hollywood, with upcoming roles including the reprisal of her character in season 2 of Apple TV+’s The Afterrparty, Disney’s new Haunted Mansion film, MGM’s sci-fi pic Landscape with Invisible Hand and more.