Countess Vaughn is the topic of TikTok as a clip from her time as a child actor on 227 went viral.

TikTok user @therobmilton posted a clip of Vaughn on 227, in which she’s playing snobby child character Alexandra DeWitt. Viewers responded in surprise, not realizing Vaughn was a part of the show.

"She was MEANT to be Kim Parker!!" wrote a viewer, referencing her character on 'The Parkers.'

Another wrote, “I don’t know HOW I ended upon #227 Tik Tok but I’m here! Lemme pull up a chair, what a throwback.”

Others talked about how they couldn’t tell it was Vaughn in the clip, with one saying they could only tell it was Vaughn “because of the mannerisms, lip curls, and expressions. She looks so different.”

Other commenters brought up the fact that Vaughn didn't have a great time as part of the 227 cast and how she has talked about the trauma she experienced.

According to Madame Noire, Vaughn talked about her time on the popular sitcom on a 2014 episode of Hollywood Divas. Vaughn said that she was taunted behind the scenes by an “elder” on the show.

"Being a child on set, I was bored, running through the hallways and I heard a conversation I shouldn't have heard," she said.

“I kept that conversation in the back of my mind, like, ‘Is that what people really think at the end of the day?’ Especially at that age, it was traumatic. To have someone smile in your face and later…especially being an elder who had those views of me. But I kept it to myself.”

"Now, I'm trying to get away from victimhood," she continued, also discussing her decision to get therapy for this and other traumas throughout her career.

“I want to shed the energy—to get over it. I really wanted this therapy regardless if it was on TV or not, it didn’t matter. I want to be a better person and this was an opportunity to knock my thoughts off someone else. I’m not a victim, I love myself.”

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