Tiny Beautiful Things is a new, must-see comedy-drama series on Hulu based on the best-selling book collection by Cheryl Strayed. Each episode unpacks a pivotal moment in the healing journey of a struggling writer named Clare (Kathryn Hahn), who is dealing with a whirlwind of fires she’s trying to put out within herself and between her husband and daughter since the death of her mother at a young age.

After running into an old friend who suggests taking over an advice column called “Dear Sugar” as a pathway to begin writing again. After contemplating the idea, she takes on the unpaid task and gets more than she bargained for as she learns others are silently battling life situations too, discovers and heals some wounds and finds solutions to some of her own family’s struggles.

The creator and executive producer Liz Tigelaar talked with Shadow and Act and shared how an essential message of the series is how helping others can assist one with their personal growth.


“I think that’s so inherent in Cheryl’s work,” she said. “I think it’s a really profound thing. It’s the same you feel almost better giving a gift than giving one. I think that in trying to help somebody else the by-product, the result of it even unintentionally is that you end up helping yourself. So, I don’t think someone necessarily sets out to save themself. That generous act of probably you want and the healing you want, when you decide to give that out it comes back to you multiplied.”

The first episode of “Tiny Beautiful Things” can be streamed exclusively on Hulu.

Check out the full interview with Hahn, Tiglelaar, Sarah Pidgeon, Quentin Plair, Tanzyn Crawford,  and Cheryl Strayed above.