New York native Leslie Uggams welcomes 68 today. The stage and film actress has appeared in I Spy, Mod Squad, Black Girl, Roots, The Love Boat, Magnum P.I., All My Children, The Cosby Show and more. She’s best known for her role in Hallelujah, Baby!, a 1967 Broadway musical that won the Tony Award for best musical.

Singer Lauryn Hill hits 36. A native of New Jersey, her acting credits include As The World Turns, Sister Act 2 and Restaurant. You can hear her music in The Best Man, Notting Hill, Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood, Felicity, When We Were Kings, Love Jones and Conspiracy Theory.

Octavia Spencer turns 39. The Alabama native first appeared in a small role in A Time To Kill. Since then, she’s appeared in dozens of projects including The Sixth Man, Moesha, Never Been Kissed, Being John Malkovich, Chicago Hope, Roswell, The X-Files, Big Momma’s House, City Of Angels, Hawthorne and The Soloist. Her next big performance to hit the screen will be co-starring with Viola Davis in The Help.