It continues to not be a good month for Todrick Hall. After controversial gameplay and comments he made as a houseguest on Celebrity Big Brother season 3, despite being a runner-up, he is still getting backlash from fans and his fellow former houseguests.

His one-time ally in the game, Todd Bridges, is calling him out after he found out after being evicted that Hall had a conversation with Miesha Tate, accusing Bridges of making homophobic comments.

Bridges has come out swinging on social media, denying the claims and slamming Hall.

'Big Brother' fan account @BB_Updates, which provides live updates from the live feeds, posted a conversation Hall had with Tate that insinuated Bridges and Lamar Odom were acting homophobic.

The tweet reads, “95% of the time both of them (Lamar/Todd) are saying something condescending, rude, homophobic or making a joke about the fact that I’m gay to make them feel comfortable, like ‘I wouldn’t wear that.’ Great, these are my clothes and those are your clothes.”

"Wow so now it's on us. Such a liar," Bridges wrote in a quote tweet of @BB_Updates' tweet

"Now he really is showing who he is. So sad," Bridges said in a comment to a fan who said that they saw him say everything on the show's live feeds.

"What is crazy he is trying to act like you all did not see that or hear it out his mouth," he continued. "The old saying you can't believe what your eyes are seeing and your ears are hearing. He needs real help. Wow."

Bridges also insinuated Hall was the one who was actually making hateful remarks about others, including him.

Hall canceled all of his press interviews that were supposed to take place immediately once the finale concluded and has yet to speak out on the matter.

Bridges' talked in an interview about him coming out of the house and realizing Hall wasn't his ally and was playing a risky game.

“Oh my God,” he told EW. “Reading the stuff and watching what he said to me after I left? Yeah, that completely changed my opinion. He didn’t play a very good game. He played a very mean game, a mean-spirited game. And, unfortunately, me and Carson got caught up in it with him. We believed what he was saying, but it just wasn’t true. The things he said about Shanna, wasn’t true. It was pushed to the limit, cause my thing is I don’t wanna win that bad if I gotta do something like that. And so I’m very proud of the way I played it. And even I saw Miseha say some things tonight when I was watching it, and that’s just, “Wow, man!” When you get out, you see this stuff, it really hurts your feelings in ways. But the thing about it is, I know it’s a game and people are trying to win, but I just don’t feel I need to win at any cost. I just can’t do that.