For those with HBO, tune in tonight at 9pm to watch director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders' Sundance 2012 documentary, About Face: Supermodels Then And Now, which features some of the most famous supermodels of all time, including the legendary Bethann Hardison (above-left; one of the first Black models for giants like Calvin Klein, and Oscar de La Renta, who helped guide the careers of future supermodels like Tyson Beckford, Iman and Naomi Campbell and is the first Black editor-at-large for Vogue Italia online); also featured in the documentary are former supermodels Beverly JohnsonJerry Hall, Christie Brinkley and others.

The women share their many personal stories of their years in the modeling industry, and other topics like: self esteem, plastic surgery, what goes on behind the scenes when the cameras aren't shooting, and open up about drug abuse, sexual harrassment and, of course, the "R" word, racism.

Watch the short preview below: