For you fans of the late E. Lynn Harris, who died in 2009, this should excite you, courtesy of The Root:

Tracey Edmonds of Edmonds Entertainment and Proteus Spann of Proteus E2 productions have structured a multi-picture deal to develop the extensive library of novels by New York Times best selling author E. Lynn Harris into feature films.

The first production in this over all creative development deal will be E. Lynn Harris’s blockbuster first novel, ‘Invisible Life,’ which will be jointly produced by Edmonds Entertainment and Proteus E2 productions with Shelia Ducksworth, Glendon Palmer and Javon Johnson as co-producers. Screenwriter Ted Witcher (“Love Jones”) has been brought on to adapt the novel for the motion picture screen.

Furthermore, the deal is said to have already been in motion shortly before Harris died of a heart attack almost exactly 2 years ago.

Since it’s the first title to be adapted, so what’s Invisible Life about?

From it tells “the story of Raymond Tyler, who, after years of questioning his sexual identity, finds himself torn between a married male lover and Nicole, the talented actress with whom he imagines himself able to spend the rest of his life. With a rich cast of supporting characters and emotionally wrenching plot twists, this debut proved popular enough in a self-published edition to catch the attention of Doubleday, which bought the rights to Invisible Life and has published each of Harris’s four subsequent novels, including two sequels, Just As I Am and Abide with Me.”

And this quote from Tracey Edmonds: “E. Lynn Harris entrusted Proteus and myself with his dream of seeing his books translated into film. After his tragic passing, we are even more determined to see his dream become a reality. With his first blockbuster novel, ‘Invisible Life,’ we begin the journey that millions of his fans have traveled.

Oh, and by the way, good to see Theodore Witcher’s name attached to a project again. It’s been a while Ted! Remember Love Jones everyone?