Described as journal and road movie, the Brazilian film Here Is So Far (Tao Longe Aqui), helmed by Eliza Capai, won the Jury prize for New Director’s category at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, which ran from September 26 through October 10.

In what a looks like to be part whimsical journey and part documentary, Here Is So Far follows a Brazilian woman who travels to explore and connect with her roots in Africa. The project was conceived when filmmaker Capai embarked on a journey and traveled to Morocco, Cape Verde, Mali, Ethiopia and South Africa back in 2010.

The documentary seems to also deal with gender and racial identity across the globe. 
Here’s the official synopsis: 
Africa Memories kept from a long trip are the inspiration for a letter to be sent to the future. Alone, away from home and about to complete 30 years-old, a Brazilian woman goes on a journey to Africa. On the letter to her daughter, she describes how she met women who live in harmony with their cultures and times. A journal, a roadmovie and an invitation to all people who trace their own path.

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Watch the trailer below:

Here Is So Far_Official Trailer from Eliza Capai on Vimeo.