As Twitch notes, it’s certainly no secret that Quentin Tarantino absolutely loves and has been influenced by Hong Kong martial arts cinema of years past (along with blaxploitation and more), particularly his love for all the old Shaw Brothers classic kung fu films.

To his credit however, the man has never denied the importance and influence of Hong Kong cinema on his work. He’s even openly admitted it – most recently when Kill Bill was in theaters; itself a blatant homage to Hong Kong’s old kung fu cinema.

And despite several op-eds and short-form video clips that have highlighted Tarantino’s influences, I don’t believe we’ve actually seen a feature film tackle the subject matter (if I’m wrong about that, I’m sure someone will correct me).

Until now… French directing team who call themselves simply Jac & Johan, have produced a full-length documentary (roughly 60 minutes long) titled Tarantino, Le Disciple de Hong Kong (or, in English, Tarantino: The Disciple Of Hong Kong).

The title says it all doesn’t it?

The film was made specifically for French television, and will air on Cine+Frisson on June 5th at 7:40PM. So our readers in France will be able to check it out. Although, I’m sure it’ll find its way west eventually – whether on cable TV, home video, or the internet.

I’m interested.

Check out the trailer below: