Here's the first trailer for King's Faith, directed by Nicholas DiBella, and produced by Mark Costello and Marc Wax.

The indie feature film, described as a faith-driven story for teens and young adults, stars Crawford Wilson, Kayla Compton, James McDaniel, and Lynn Whitfield

The film's formal synopsis reads:

Brendan King is a foster kid who grew up on the wrong side of the law graduating from five-finger discounts and fights on the playground to drug-dealing and gun-running as a member of the multi-racial gang called Avenue D. Arrested in a federal raid when he was fifteen and imprisoned for three years until his parole at eighteen, Brendan has found a relationship with God and with it he has turned his life around. Upon his release, he moves in with a new foster family and starts attending high school in an affluent suburb near the city where he grew up. Now on the outside, Brendan vows to keep things on track.

Of course the question is, can/will he?

When we first wrote about the film last year, it was in production; skip ahead a year, and the filmmakers have held successful test screenings with audiences, and after making some further tweaks, are shopping it around to distributors.

The film has been accepted into the Orlando Film Festival that will be held October 17th-21st, and ahead of that premiere, a trailer has been released, which is embedded below: