is reporting that Nollywood star Ini Edo's new film I'll Take My Chances will have its Lagos premiere at the Silverbird Cinemas on Feb. 24, courtesy of the Royal Arts Academy.

Edo is also a co-producer on the film. You may remember that S&A reported on Edo in December 2011, after she was named "the richest actress in Nollywood history."  I'll Take My Chances also stars Bryan Okwara and Canadian dancer Ashleigh Clark as Edo's co-leads.  The film is directed by Desmond Elliot.

Judging by the film's trailer and teaser-clip, I'll Take My Chances— a sort of dance-themed love-triangle story– is not your tradional Nollywood fare, but should be entertaining, nonetheless.  Trust me when I say that I have seen my fair share of Nollywood productions, and this looks very, very goodproduction-wise— compared to what has been cranked out over the past decade and some change.

Take a look at the trailer and teaser, and judge for yourself: