The first trailer has been released for the Mike Brown shooting/Ferguson documentary, Stranger Fruit.

It initially debuted at SXSW last year, and after its release there, the documentary has been re-edited to include backlash against its creation.

Gravitas Ventures acquired the documentary and will release it April 3 and Starz will air it in June. 

Here’s more on the film from Deadline:  The film put the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office under a microscope and also interviews Brown’s family members. Three autopsies were done on Brown and found that he had been shot six times, including twice in the head. A viral video of two men witnessing the shooting as it happened described Brown as already giving up when he was shot. Another story circulated that Brown was charging the officer. Forensic evidence concluded that Brown was shot in the head at short range.

Watch the trailer below: