nullHere's the trailer for the made in the U.K. "dramedy" short film The Third Choice, made by 20 year old black British filmmaker Moses Ssebandeke,  which will make its premiere on August 26th at the Southwark Playhouse in London.

The film deals with three people who realize that they are in purgatory and come to the realization that they have to start making some very serious choices.

According to the director he aims "to be aesthetically similar to the early Tim Burton films as well as incorporate a surreal, off beat feel ….as well as rapid fire and amusing dialogue and there will be elements of dark humor as well as religious and Greek mythology references."

For someone so young, Ssebandeke has quite an impressive background. Aside from being a filmmaker, he's also the video content editor for Live magazine, has worked for the BBC, and has also been producing music videos and documentaries across across Europe since 2008.