WHAT AGAIN??? I thought they were all through with these films. Tony Todd I can see being in this, since he was in all the other Final Destination movies, and does he appear in anything else except horror films?

Actually the brother has appeared in some 158 films and TV shows to date, making him the hardest working brother in movies, instead of the previous record holder Clifton Powell, with his 143 credits so far.

But what’s Courtney Vance doing in this? Yeah I know things are tough out there, and a brother’s gotta eat; but DAMN! Couldn’t Angela have carried him over for a few bucks until something better came along?

But I have to confess now, after watching this trailer, that I’m sorta interested in seeing it. Looks likes it’s going to be some pretty nasty fun.

However, as you can see in this trailer, the young brother at the plant in film ALMOST gets it pretty rough. Think he’s gonna make until the end? NAH!