Shannon Thornton is right, Black Twitter really is starting to look like a beauty supply store.

The P-Valley star is currently trending on social media after fans recently discovered that she was a model for Black hair care products before landing her role on the hit Starz drama.

Shannon Thornton a photo of her past modeling work in 2020.

Back in September 2020, Thornton shared a photo of herself modeling for the Black hair care brand Creme of Nature on Twitter.

Along with the photo, the actress explained how she always wanted to be one of those girls on the box of hair care products growing up.

"Any other Black girl wanna be on a box of hair products growing up?  I’d always tell my mom when she was doing my hair, 'I’m just as pretty as those girls! I’m gonna be on a box one day.' And she’d always say, Damn right!'” she captioned the post. 

Fans are unearthing more photos from Thornton's hair box modeling days.

On October 6, Thornton reshared the photo, captioning it, “Twitter looks like a beauty supply store right now.”

After uploading her post, fans flooded the comments with several of the actress’ past hair modeling gigs.

"Omg yes. this is you too, right?" one fan tweeted.

"Cause you were everywhere lol," another fan shared.

"Sure does! Are we doing braiding hair next because I spotted you a long time ago ….that’s you right?," someone else wrote.