nullIt’s a shame
that Algerian/French filmmaker  Rachid
Bouchareb’s films don’t get a wider release in the U.S. His 2006 film Days of
Glory (Indigènes), about the North African soldiers who fought for the French
Army during World War II is a marvelous, exciting and at the end genuinely poignant
film that I wish more people had seen if it only gotten a proper release in the
U.S. It’s the film that I wish Spike Lee’s Miracle at St. Anna would have been.

And his 2010
film Outside the Law, about the Algerian struggle for independence from France
after WWII, is just as good and as powerful as Days of Glory and like that film was also barely released in the U.S.

So it’s not surprising
that his most recent film Two Men in Town, his first film to be set and shot in
the U.S. was, once again, overlooked. It was released on March 6 in some theaters
and on VOD with little or none fanfare

Starring Forest
Whitaker, Harvey Keitel and Luiz Guzman the film, as Tambay reported back in January
(HERE), centers around “an ex-safe cracker, just out of prison, who finds
honest work and a new love, and who wants to go on the straight and narrow; but
attempts by his ex-gang to lure him back into his former life, as well as the determination
of a vengeful cop who stalks him, nearly push him over the edge”.

However in
case you missed it, as I did,  the good news is that Cohen Media Group, who picked up the U.S. distribution of the film,  announced yesterday that the film will be released
on blu-ray DVD on May 12th

So far no
details have been released regarding any special features on the DVD such as
commentaries, behind-the-scenes features or deleted scenes.