Roger Bobb annouced today that he is offically leaving his top level position as Executive Vice President at Tyler Perry Studios tomorrow, to start his own film production company called Bobcat Films.

As Bobb said today in a written statement: “I’m elated to announce that beginning Tuesday, May 31st, I will begin a new chapter as President of Bobbcat Films, my new film and television production company. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you soon. Thank You and God Bless.

Bobb has been with Perry since his first movie – Diary of a Mad Black Woman – and went on to be the Supervising Producer on all the episodes of The House of Payne and Executive Producer for all the episodes of Meet The Browms.

No word yet as to what projects that are currently in development at Bobcat; but here’s a question – will he copy TP’s “modus operandi” or will he venture into different areas, i.e. action, horror, or drama?

I know it’s real easy here to make some crack about men in drag… but I’ll behave this time.