Tyler Perry surprised fans when Madea found her inner Beyoncé during the ending credits of Perry’s latest Netflix film, A Madea Homecoming.

At the end of the film, Madea imagines herself as Beyoncé performing at 2018’s Coachella. According to Atlanta Black Star, Perry said that he got permission from Beyoncé herself to do the skit, telling Entertainment Weekly, “Before anybody saw it, before Netflix saw it, I sent her a clip, [asking], ‘Is this OK? If not, it will never see the light of day. You say yes or no.”

Perry said that Beyoncé got a huge kick out of it, detailing that the singer had a "hard" laugh at the scene.

Perry also said that he experienced anxiety while making the skit, which included descending from a crane, so much so that he had to turn to medicinal purposes.

“I don’t get high when I work. But to do that scene, I had to smoke a joint,” he said to E! News, according to Atlanta Black Star. “That was the only way I was able to pull it off.”

The end result was a version of Madea we haven’t seen before (and probably the first time we’ve ever seen Madea’s legs!). But whether Madea is in denim shorts or a muumuu, Madea won’t fail to entertain.

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Shadow and Act spoke to Perry about the film as well

“I wanted to show her more like she’s been in the plays, how people know her in the play,” he said of Madea in the film. “So this is more of what was on the stage, than it has been on film because on film, I was limited to a certain amount of screens and had to go to DVD and make its way through everything, but here on Netflix, it’s everywhere at once so I could just let it be all that it’s going to be.”

A Madea Homecoming is now streaming on Netflix.