Media mogul and Madea star Tyler Perry says attending Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball changed his life. Perry was in his thirties at the time and was in the beginning stages of stardom when he got the invitation to attend. Now at 52 years old, like Oprah, he’s reached the billionaire status mark. Being surrounded by such greatness inspired Perry to reach for his dreams and beyond.

Years ago, Oprah held a Legends Ball for the hop Black icons and up-and-coming stars in the business.

At the event, Perry was in the company of Influential celebrities like then-future president Barack Obama, Diana Ross, Maya Angelou, Coretta Scott King, Sidney Poitier and many more. Perry said because of his once struggles as a homeless creative, he often felt unworthy, but being among greatness changed all of that. 


He captioned a throwback video from the event in part:

“Being there in that moment, something happened that changed my life’s path. You see, at that age I struggled with feeling worthy of good things. I often felt small, like I didn’t belong. But what I now know, looking back from my 52 years of living in this body, is that that feeling comes from the abuse I endured, the things that were said and done to me as a child. But hear me clearly, I had to do away with that feeling because that is a dangerous mindset. Feeling unworthy can cause you to miss your greatest blessing. And trust me, I know how hard it is to feel worthy, especially when you grow up in an abusive household. Thank God I got past it.”


Yolanda Adams' words helped Perry

Perry recalls sitting at a table at the legends ball and saying out loud “What am I doing in this room?”

Adams’ turned to him and said, “You belong in this room,” and Perry never forgot it.

He continued:

“The understanding that I BELONG IN THE ROOM quickly shifted my perspective. I tell you, you will be surprised what you see when your mind allows you to understand that you belong in the room. In that very moment I decided to UP MY DREAMING!! And God met me at the level that I started to dream on. On the last day of the ball, there at the gospel brunch, I was asked what I thought, and my response is in this short clip. I really did start to dream bigger and by doing that, God has blown my mind. I said all that to say this, the people in your life who make you dream bigger are the points on your soul’s compass.’

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