The first trailer for Tyler Perry’s Zatima, a spinoff of Tyler Perry’s Sistas, has dropped alongside the announcement of new cast members.

The 10-episode series will drop in September and is executive produced, directed, and written by Perry.

The show follows popular characters Zac’ played by Devale Ellis and Fatima, played Crystal Renee Hayslett, as they navigate the ups and downs of their relationship.

In addition to Ellis and Hayslett, Tyler Perry’s Zatima also stars Cameron Fuller, Remington Hoffman, and Nzinga Imani, along with recurring cast members Jasmin Brown, Guyviaud Joseph, and  Danielle LaRoach.


Learn more about the new cast members and their characters below:

Fuller is Nathan, “one of Zac’s friends he often plays basketball with and a conflicted soul. Nathan is married to Lori who, keeps him in check at every turn and holds him accountable for his responsibilities.”

Hoffington is Bryce, “a relatively new friend of Zac’s who works with Gary and is helping Zac with his stock investments. He has stepped in and become a confidant and somewhat of a rescuer to Zac. Bryce is also dating Angela, who happens to be Fatima’s best friend.”

Imani is Angela, “Fatima’s best female friend who is dating Bryce. Angela has no idea that Bryce’s friend Zac is the man who is moving in with Fatima — and instantly realizes that she’s heard all about the shady corners of Zac’s life from Bryce.”

Brown is Deja, “Devale’s tenant, who is a nail technician by day and stripper by night.”

Joseph is Tony,  “one of Zac’s friends who despises love and relationships. Tony comes down hard on Zac for moving in with Fatima and tries to convince Zac that because he has recently escaped dire financial straits, he should enjoy the freedom of having money and the single life.”

And LaRoach is Belinda, “Fatima’s ‘tell like it is’ friend who adds a whole new layer of challenges to Zac and Fatima’s relationship.”

Check out the official trailer above.

The 10-episode drama is set to premiere exclusively on BET+ Thursday, September 29.