America’s Next Top Model became a staple reality TV show headed by Tyra Banks that served as a launching pad for many of its contestants and personalities involved with the show.

The show is no stranger to controversy or criticism, especially recently, with stories about the working conditions and lackluster pay the hopeful models were subjected to.

Now, a video from the show has gone viral, with many comparing the clip to Netlfix’s brutal game of survival Squid Game, where contestants fight to the death for money.

Another 'ANTM' clip has gone viral

Tyra Banks has been criticized for sometimes being cruel and insensitive during her time as a judge on the reality show with this recent viral clip showcasing those qualities to the fullest.

The clip shows banks passing judgment in a way that can only be described as a psychological thriller like the tweet suggests. The clip went viral with many chiming in on how ridiculous the clip is and the criticism of Tyra Banks flooded the mentions and retweets of the video.

Here is the clip in question:

Twitter compares Tyra on 'ANTM' to Squid Game

One tweeter even compared the clip to Netflix’s hit show Squid Game. The idea that Banks was hanging hope out in front of the contestants then snatching it away in the manner she did is very reminiscent of the Netflix series and highlights how insane the show could be sometimes. Banks plays up the drama in a truly shocking way and people have really responded.

This is just another example of controversy that has sprung up around America’s Next Top Model and Banks.

Former contestants have come to her defense before like Tocarra Jones, but many others have spoken about their less than fun time on the show.