I wouldn't necessarily call this Terence Nance's *next* film, or his follow-up to his feature film debut, An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty; but if you've seen that film, and dug it, then I think you'll probably dig this series as well.

And if you live in NYC, you'll have an opportunity to see it on the big screen, when it screens at the Urbanworld Film Festival, in its Spotlight section, next week. The festival runs from September 19-23.

What is The Triptych?

Triptych is a unique and profound documentary series profiling some of the most outspoken visual artists of our time. It highlights the work of artists Sanford Biggers, Wangechi Mutu, and Barron Claiborne. Produced by Afro-punk pictures, the documentary is itself a work of art, featuring three intimate 20-minute conversations with three bold and culturally resonant voices in art. Each monologue is a reflection of their life experience, letting the viewer discover how their observations have shaped the art they create. The first in the series features Sanford Biggers, Wangechi Mutu and Barron Claiborne — contemporaries, luminaries and friends. Spanning the artistic gamut from interdisciplinary to photography and performance, their keen reflections on the world are at once startling and insightful.

I missed an earlier screening of this a few months ago, so it's high on my list of titles to see at Urbanworld next week; and of course, my thoughts will follow.

In the 3 clips below, check out previews of each artist profile in the documentary series, directed by Terence Nance. Click HERE for Urbanworld's website to learn how you can purchase tickets and passes to the festival.

Watch all 3 previews/trailers below: first for Wangechi Mutu's profile, followed by Sanford Biggers and finally Barron Claiborne.