nullVing Rhames has signed up will star alongside Luke Goss in a new sci-fi action film titled "Blood Reef," which follows a young stockbroker on his honeymoon, who is kidnapped, drugged and brainwashed by a corrupt shadow intelligence agency looking to create the ultimate killing machine. He fights back and escapes, but not before they turn him into a murderous assassin. Desperate to regain sanity, he encounters a beautiful biology student who could help him return to normal – if she doesn’t become his next target.

Goss will of course play the young stockbroker turned killing machine, while Rhames will be the man who’s assigned to hunt him down after he escapes.

The film is being directed by Brian Trenchard Smith, produced by Cardinal XD, along with Brigitte Jean Allen, who also penned the script.

Executive producers are Dale Bradley and Grant Bradley of Aristos Films, and Cardinal XD’s Jeff Goldman.

It shoots next year in Australia.