Warner Bros. has released the above image and a new 60-second TV spot for its upcoming thriller Prisoners, which co-stars Viola Davis and Terrence Howard along with Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Maria Bello and Paul Dano. 

The child abduction thriller centers on two sets of parents whose daughters disappear from their quiet block. As time ticks away and the girls aren’t found, one of the fathers takes matters into his own hands with the man suspecting of abducting them. 

Jackman and Gyllenhaal receive top billing as father and lead detective. Considering, though, that there are two sets of parents whose children go missing in the film, with the two dads apparently responding in wildly different ways, it will be interesting to see how the story is handled. With the girls being of different races it brings to mind the routine media neglect for missing children of color. But so far it’s unclear what issues will be explored and exactly how having two missing girls will factor into the plot. 

Prisoners opens in theaters September 20. It was also announced this month that the film will screen as a special presentation of the Toronto Film Festival. 

Find the new 60-second spot below: