Viola Davis shows that she isn’t above clapping back at people online in a new viral video.

The video features The Woman King star at a live talk, discussing how she has handled online criticism.

She revealed that she has had a burner account in the past, which she used to respond to people who made fun of her or criticized her.

“I’ve read some really bad comments about myself and I got so pissed,” she said while laughing. “I got so pissed I said, ‘I gotta respond. But they’re going to know it’s me.’ So I went to my room and I said, ‘I gotta think of a name…and I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll think of my husband’s nickname, Lele. So I’m gonna think of Lele. I’m gonna be Lele Washington! Lele Washington cussed a couple of people out.”

Social media users responded to the post with laughter and related to the fact that Davis used a secret account to get back at people, with one person writing that if someone got a message from Lele Washington to post it.

And someone allegedy did have a personal Lele Washington story.

They screenshot an interaction they saw between two people on Twitter, in which one person alleged that “Lele Washington” called them a “hoe.”

Another commenter also retweeted a post by a user who wrote in 2012 about a beef she was having with "Lele Washington." After Davis' video went viral, people flocked to the post to ask the user what she might have said.

Other commenters also posted how they were on the lookout for old Lele Washington tweets.

Others wrote how they understood why Davis would have a burner account in the first place, since it is hard to stay in the public eye without feeling angry about critical comments.

“The amount of celebrities/known figures that I’m sure have probably done this is hilarious!” wrote a commenter. “They are still human with emotions and can only tolerate so much rubbish from strangers!”

Moral of the story–watch what you say about Davis, because Lele Washington might be lurking around the proverbial corner on Twitter.