And the beat goes on for Djo Tunda Wa Munga and the Viva Riva! team. As a reminder, the film opens this weekend in New York and Los Angeles. I also will be posting my interview with director Djo before the end of the week.

In the meantime… lifted from a much longer press release reads:

Viva Riva! Wins Inaugural Best African Movie Category

Taking home the inaugural prize for Best African Movie was Viva Riva!, the stylish adrenaline-fuelled crime thriller directed and written by Congolese film-maker, Djo Tunda wa Munga. The breathless story of the rise and fall of Riva, a Congolese smuggler who makes a fortune overnight and is hunted down in Kinshasa, Viva Riva! Stars Patsha Bay Mukana as Riva, a likable Kinshasa-based hustler and Manie Malone as Nora, the girlfriend of a tough local crime boss. Viva Riva was produced by Boris van Gils, Michael Goldberg, Djo Tunda wa Munga and co-produced by Steven Markovitz.