nullIt's been said that more people watch the Super Bowl every year more for the ads than the actual game.

I wouldn't know since I've never watched one. Well, maybe, I think I did once for about 15 minutes until I got bored and switched the channel. But I'm not here to talk about me but about Volkswagen's new TV commercial for this year's Super Bowl,  which since it's been leaked on online yesterday,  has been getting plenty of comments and all of them not favorable.

The ad, for VW's new redesigned Beetle, features a group of a bland and bored white and Asian employees in some nondescript office building who are constantly faced with one of their smiling, cheerful and laid back white co-workers.

Except that the guy speaks in a Jamaican accent, which we find out at the end is the result of  the happy feeling he gets driving his new Beetle.

Of course the questions arise.

Why does he have to speak in a Jamaican accent? Why could the guy had the same attitude, but speaking in his natural voice?  Is the commercial implying that a carefree, lazy attitude towards work and life is a "black" thing?

Then again they could have gotten a black guy for the part, but that would have made a bad situation even worse resulting in all sorts of angry complaints about stereotypes.

Or are the complaints about this ad taking everything way out of proportion and this is just a stupid ad and nothing else?

What do you say?