WMG It was announced today that Catalyst Global Media, a multifaceted film and television financing and production company with a music division, has extended its existing relationship with Warner Music, to include identifying and developing a slate of feature biopics and documentaries based on Warner Music’s artists.
The multi-year, multi-picture arrangement will explore Warner Music’s extensive catalog and is expected to result in a number of new films on the lives of some of the most iconic artists of all time. Catalyst will develop and finance the projects and oversee worldwide distribution.
Catalyst and Warner anticipate the first productions will start early next year.
Said Hardiman, "Music is a key part of the DNA here at Catalyst, and we are thrilled to be partnering with Warner Music to bring a selection of compelling stories to the screen based on musical legends past and present. The power of music to capture the human spirit and to speak to audiences across the world is unrivalled and this co-venture provides a wonderful opportunity in film to explore these artists, their lives and their work in a very inspiring way."
Walls added, "This co-venture, born out of successful collaborations to date, is a great opportunity for Catalyst and Warner to seek out some brilliant stories from much loved artists. You never know, we might help uncover the next ‘Searching for Sugarman’ or a poignant love story in the way that ‘Walk The Line’ brought to audiences new and existing" 
No word yet on what specific artists the above partners will be considering for biopics and/or documentaries; but it’s worth noting that, Warner Music’s extensive catalog, which will be the source from which artists will be pulled from, includes Prince, Neil Young, Coldplay and Led Zeppelin to name just a tiny few.