Pariah press day in New York City was last week, and, in the rush of it all, I was able to chat with some of its starring cast (Adepero Oduye, Kim Wayans and Pernell Walker), its director (Dee Rees), and producer (Nekisa Cooper).

Since I plan to include more original video content here on S&A, I'm investing in a solid camcorder kit which should be arriving soon; in the meantime, I've been using a rental, and videotaping almost every interview/roundtable discussion I've been involved with in recent weeks… including the time I spent with the Pariah folks.

Anyway… I'll be posting each interview/roundtable session here individually, over the next week, starting with this one… star of Pariah, the lovely Adepero Oduye, plays 10 Questions with me; although, as I said, the day was all a rush, so I didn't quite get my full 10 questions in, because there was a bit of a mixup in where/when I was supposed to be, and with whom, which cut into my time. So I got to ask just 9 questions. Seated on her right was director Dee Rees, by the way, although she's not in the shot.

So, here ya go… 10… uh… I mean 9 questions with Adepero Oduye (thanks to Adepero, Dee and Nekisa for playing along, given that they probably weren't expecting me to break out with the 10 questions bit :)):