Cesar Award-winnng French actor Omar Sy's first post-Intouchables release, titled De l’autre côté du périph, or On The Other Side Of The Tracks, was acquired by The Weinstein Company – specifically for North America, Latin America and China. Although no word yet on release dates.

Already the toast of France, Sy, who relocated to LA, and signed with CAA earlier this year, is ready to take on Hollywood, with Intouchables already released Stateside, and generally well-received (although I didn't care for it), and now, with his follow-up project, which I first alerted you back in December 2011, also attracting USA distribution.

As a recap, On The Other Side Of The Tracks is another inter-racial buddy pairing for Sy, except, this time, instead of a wealthy white quadraplegic and a street-smart poor black man, On The Other Side Of The Tracks features Omar Sy playing 1 half of a starring duo of cops from opposite sides of the tracks (as the title says), who must come together to solve a murder.

The film's synopsis reads:

David Charhon’s On The Other Side of the Tracks stars Sy as a street-wise police cop based in a rough Parisian suburb who joins forces with an uptight officer from an elite, central Paris crime squad to solve the murder of a prominent businessman’s wife. 

Starring opposite Omar Sy is Laurent Lafitte

The film is scheduled to be released first in France tomorrow, December 19th by Mars DistributionOther territories to have picked up the film include Benelux, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Germany and Israel

No word on when The Weinstein Company plans to release On The Other Side Of The Tracks in the USA.

The film's first trailer debuted and was posted on this site about a month ago; now Mars has released 3 new clips from the film, which are all embedded below, and from the looks of all 3, even though they subtitled in English, this is one chatty movie, as each sequence is loaded with dialogue. 

Now if only I understood all that was being said. Google needs to invent a translator that can translate audio as well as print.

Maybe our French readers can assist??

And here's the trailer if you missed it: