I didn’t even know that this debuted. So obviously I didn’t watch it. Did you?

LT: The Life and Times, a feature length documentary film chronicling the spectacular on-field Hall of Fame NFL career of Lawrence Taylor, as well as his tumultuous off-field life, premiered on Showtime late last week, on September 20

The documentary is said to be the first-ever in-depth look focusing on Taylor’s life with never-before-heard stories from Taylor, his family, his former teammates and coaches on his playing days with the Giants, his infamous off-field activities and the troubling times that have plagued him throughout his life.

“When they first approached me with it I said, ‘No way. I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to put my life on display.’ But hell, my life is already on display so I decided to go with it and see how it turns out…. I’m looking forward to seeing (and) hearing some of the stories because a lot of the stories I don’t remember… It’s like anything else, football, you think that is your whole world but it’s not really,” said LT himself.

The production of LT: The Life and Times is a collaboration between Showtime Sports and CBS Sports in association with NFL Films.

The doc was directe by CBS Sports’ Creative Director, Pete Radovich, Jr., who also produced the film alongside CBS Sports Coordinating Producer Steve Karasik.

If you missed it, Showtime will air it again on the 24th, at 7:45pm.

Here’s a preview of what you missed: