You're Dead to Me

Starring Harmony Santana (“Gun Hill Road”) and Laura Patalano, “You’re Dead to Me” centers on a Chicana mother’s eerie experience with love and loss as she prepares for her Dia de los Muertos celebration. 

From the film’s website:

As she prepares to receive family members on an important anniversary a mother cooks, cleans, and fights with her daughter over the way she dresses, often too “boyish.” The argument reveals some rifts in their relationship and resolves itself in an unexpected and touching climax.

Written by Adelina Anthony, directed by Wu Tsang and produced by Melissa Haizlip, the short film was produced in Film Independent’s Project Involve and has been touring film festivals since its premiere at Outfest 2013.

And now, you can also see it online in its entirety as part of the PBS Online Film Festival through July 31. Find the trailer below, and watch the full film at PBS HERE.