Siempre Bruja, Netflix’s upcoming fantasy drama, has been the subject of much anticipation from viewers. Now, the long awaited show has a trailer that lives up to the hype.

For those unfamiliar, Siempre Bruja centers around Carmen, an Afro-Colombian woman from 17th century Cartegana who is first introduced as witch who is about to be burned at the stake for a crime as simple as being in love. Before being condemned to death, Carmen is transported back in time to 2019, where she must learn to navigate present day life.

In the trailer, Carmen (Angely Gaviria) learns how to use apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as modern day currency.  However, trouble looms in her path, as the new age bruja must contend with the threat of Lucien, a mysterious antagonist who can smell witches’ power from a distance and turn them into the ashes.

Siempre Bruja premieres on Netflix on February 1. Check out the trailer below:


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