Posted the trailer to this about 3 weeks ago… Johnny English Reborn, a sequel to the 2003 film Johnny English, which stars Rowan Atkinson in what is essentially a 007 spoof.

This sequel, which opens in the UK on October 7th, and in the USA on October 28th, co-stars Daniel Kaluuya (a 2009 S&A and Screen International UK star of tomorrow), as Atkinson’s (English’s) side-kick Tucker.

Kaluuya didn’t feature much in the trailer (a couple of shots, but he doesn’t say anything in them), though I’m told his role is much larger than the trailer shows… but he’s still the sidekick, so don’t expect anything more than what that title typically entails.

In the newly released clip below, we actually see a lot more of him in this single scene, than we do in the entire trailer 🙂

Anywho… it’s not a film on my “to-see” list. Never really been much of a Rowan Atkinson fan. Just not my kind of humor. I can only tolerate him in doses. I didn’t see the first Johnny English movie, which was released stateside in 2003; and while it managed just over $28 million in US box office, it raked in over $130 million internationally. So, clearly there’s an audience out there for it – particularly in Europe, which shouldn’t be a big surprise. But I might check it out as a rental, if only to see Kaluuya’s performance in it; I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing him in very much.

Here’s the clip (underneath it is the trailer if you haven’t already seen it:

Here’s the trailer: