David Oyelowo in "Nightingale" HBOCourtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, here’s the second part of its annual Emmy season roundtable chats that we all love so much, released leading up to the September 20 Primetime Emmys this fall. 

Today’s hour-long conversation features the dramatic actors, including David Oyelowo ("Nightingale"); "American Crime’s" Timothy Hutton; "Better Call Saul’s" Bob Odenkirk; "The Knick’s" Clive Owen; "The Leftovers’" Justin Theroux; and "Ray Donovan’s" Jon Voight.

In the "raw, uncensored" conversation, the actors speak candidly about everything (almost) you’d want to know about the business, from an actor’s POV. 

For his contribution, Oyelowo speaks on taking risks and challenging oneself as an actor, as he did with "Nightingale," in which he was the only actor, literally carrying the entire film solo, in a tour de force performance – hence his Emmy nomination. He also talks about what the announcement of his casting in "Selma" did for his career; not even the performance itself, but just the announcement that he had been cast, which, as he says, led to almost immediate offers, seemingly taking him entirely by surprise, since he was a relative *unknown* at the time (in Hollywood anyway). Another highlight is David’s response to a question about his being "snubbed" by the Academy for his performance in "Selma." He said: "Two blessings came from all of that. If people perceived that something they wished for you didn’t happen for you, that’s a lot of goodwill you’re stirring up with a lot of people. People are rooting for you, and that’s priceless. But to have them constantly saying, ‘I think you should have gotten this,’ you go, ‘Hold on.’ I’ve been to Nigeria with that film and seen two electoral candidates sign a peace pledge after watching it. I’ve been to the White House and watched it with President Obama and Michelle Obama. That’s why you make a film like ‘Selma.’ There was a danger that if I had been nominated, or even won, that those thousands of people would creep into my head the next time I gave a performance. I’ve had my work in ‘Selma’ validated beyond all of that in a way I’ll never [forget]. We all love our backs being patted for what we do, but I think to keep your powder dry, you have to find your Albuquerque."

Without further ado, here’s the hour-long "THR Drama Actors Roundtable." And if you missed the "Actresses Roundtable," which features Taraji P. Henson and Viola Davis, click here.