I have yet to watch the film in full, so can’t really speak on its complete merits. But I watched the first 15 minutes and was sufficiently intrigued that I’ll check out the rest when I have time, and thought it was worthy of a mention on this blog. 

It’s also not often that filmmakers make feature films and make them available for FREE viewing on YouTube. Filmmaking can be an expensive, laborious process, as any filmmaker worth their salt will agree. Although it can also be very rewarding. And any filmmaker releasing an entire feature film online, without charging viewers, will usually draw my curiosity.

The note I received from director Aaron Thomas on his project states that the feature film, Dumar Volume Two, is part two of what will be a 2-part drama, which he is releasing first, out of order, instead of Volume One. He says he’s doing so to maintain intrigue. Essentially, a little disorientation can be a good thing when it comes to movie watching.

But you be the judge; Dumar Volume Two is embedded below – all 82 minutes of it!

Led by an international cast including Gianluca Vialli, Wil Johnson and Leee John, and a soundtrack featuring acclaimed artist’s including Adam Fielding, Mr. Meeble and Fabrizio Paterlini, Dumar Volume Two starts midway through with Dumar, a fund manager on a personal quest against his employer, a hedge fund CEO who has framed him for fraud. Unknown to each other they both have ulterior motives which date back over 25 years.

Watch Dumar Volume Two in full below: