Back on the web series kick; recall I labeled 2011 the year of the black web series?

Here's another new web series for you all to watch, digest, discuss and follow (if episode one embedded below gets your attention). 

Although this one isn't entirely new, since they're up to, I believe, episode 14 or 15 right now. 

It's called 12 Steps To Recovery, written & directed by Tony Clomax, and produced by Tony Clomax & Emelyn Stuart.

The short description… 12 Steps To Recovery "is a romantic online comedy series about healing a broken heart one step at a time," hence the title. Further, the series' Facebook page calls it, "Sex and The City meets Curb Your Enthusiasm with some cinnamon and spice […] New York City actor & jingle writer Parrish Diaz who gets dumped by his corporate girlfriend and his friends Blue and Dani come to his rescue by setting him up on 12 blind dates. Parrish goes through his healing period with each unique woman, while learning about friendship, forgiveness and true love, with major twists and a crucial decision to make."

It stars a few actors you might be familiar with like Kaleber Soze and Stephen Hill (long-time readers of S&A will remember that they both appeared in Black Swan Theory, the first S&A Filmmaker Challenge winning project written and directed by Nikyatu Jusu).

Watch episode 1 of Tony Clomax's 12 Steps To Recovery below: